Lunches of Deal

We often find lunch is the hardest meal of the day, you can end up eating the same thing each day and if you want to have to take time out of the day to make it. If like us you were lacking inspiration for your midday meals, take a look at some great places you might not know about. Ideal for a long lunch or to grab a quick bite. 

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A few of our favourite Kentish products

We're always keeping an eye out for great local food. A couple of brands have caught our eye recently, so we got in touch with them to find out a little more about what they offer, and taste a selection of their products. We had some fun shooting with them, and absolutely loved tasting them. Below is our reviews on the food and drink we tasted, we’d recommend trying everything yourself as they are quality products, and it's always nice to eat some food that hasn't traveled more than you.

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Daytrippers: Exploring Dungeness

Dungeness is like a ghost town, for all intents and purposes it’s a dessert, masquerading as a beach. There's a beach hut that’s been destroyed by the weather, you can see where the wind has ripped through it, it looks as if its guts are spilling out. There’s a sort of chimney breast, it looks so bizarre sitting alone on the beach looking out to sea. A plaque explains its purpose, there used to be a blacksmith's here and this chimney is a recreation of one that once existed. As you walk nearer to the sea, you’ll find all sorts of items that have been abandoned or washed up on the shore. The small community of artists that live here utilise these items in their works. Decaying boats and engines are scattered around. An area of shipping containers have been littered with nets, gas canisters, boxes and all sorts of boating items.

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A Kentish classic: The Gypsy Tart

Gypsy tart is a Kentish classic that’s simple to make and deliciously sweet. Lots of people have fond memories of enjoying it as part of their school dinners, our recipe will satisfy a sweet craving at the end of a meal. It’s so easy, and delicious it's well worth the effort.

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Saturday Market Haul

Deal market is a great place to browse on a saturday morning, the town is buzzing, and you can pick up some great food and vintage items. From metal signs to old glasses, there's a lot of unique items on display so it’s worth rummaging around to see what you can find. On a nice day it’s great seeing the town filled with people; sitting, drinking coffee, and enjoying their Saturdays.

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Exploring Betteshanger

We spent the day at Betteshanger Park to try out some of their activities, we’ve been hearing a lot about them recently with loads of events taking place over the summer and with over 18,500 visitors during April alone, it's no surprise this has been their most successful year yet.


Only ten minutes away from deal by car, the parking at the Betteshanger is ample and well priced, with anything over 3 hours at £3. Its free to bring your own bikes and use the track, you can also cycle from Deal, it's only five more minutes by bike, so if your confident enough it's well worth the effort.

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