What is Discover Deal? A little more about us

It’s almost been a year since we launched this website, and we realised not everyone knows us- the people behind the website or is clear on what Discover Deal is all about. We thought we’d dedicate our first post of the year to reintroducing ourselves and giving a taste of what we do. So if you’re new to the website or have been reading since the beginning, you’ll see a different side to us this week.

What is Discover Deal?

Discover Deal is our website, where we post weekly articles all about the town of Deal in Kent. Our articles over the past year have been about things like Deal Festival; activities at Betteshanger; interviews with Deal locals on what they do; recipes with local ingredients, and restaurant reviews. Over christmas we gave away a load of local prizes to our followers on social media through our Deal Advent Calendar. We also design and make things in Deal, like our hand screen printed tote bags and Christmas cards that we sell on our online store. We’re looking to add more of our own products to the store this year so keep an eye out for that. We’re always looking for what’s interesting in Deal and spreading the word about the town.

A little about us…

We met at University in Hertfordshire, where Ben was studying Graphic Design and I (Charlotte) was studying English Lit. Before we knew it we’d been together for five years and started Discover Deal together. Ben had soon moved from his home in Bedford to live in Deal.

Discover Deal was originally a side project for us to showcase the things we were enjoying in Deal, as we struggled to find information about Deal online, it was also a test to find out if we could work together well. I had been working in London at a gallery, and Ben was a designer at a digital agency but neither of us were enthusiastic about where we were. Discover Deal took off a lot faster than we planned and we were loving working together, so we made the decision to start our own design and marketing studio out here in Deal.

Why Deal?

The subject of Deal seemed like a good idea because Deal people are usually pretty enthusiastic about their hometown, we were following loads of creative people in Deal but there was nowhere that really represented that online. We wanted to showcase the community, and show sides of Deal that not everyone knows about or don't get access to: like interviews and insights into what is going on. In general I do the writing and social media, and it's Ben who does the design and photography, but really we share most of it. The blog has really helped us to build our confidence and expand our skills.

Through the blog we’ve met some great people and learned a lot about the power of community. We're proud to be starting up our studio in Deal, and we can't wait to see where it takes us next. We've loved meeting everyone and really appreciate the fantastic support that everyone has given us! If you see us out and about, come and say hello. Thanks for following along with us.

Charlotte Likes: Ru Paul’s Drag Race, gherkins and American novels Dislikes: Football Recommendation in Deal: Gin cocktails from The Tap House

Ben Likes: Pizza, Classic Hip Hop and Cocktails Dislikes: Vegetables Recommendation in Deal: Riding his bike down the beachfront at night
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