Daytrippers, Broadstairs

Daytrippers is our new series where we’ll venturing to towns and places outside of Deal. We’ll be documenting our days out in the hope of bringing you day trip inspiration. With so much to explore on our doorstep we're excited to share with you our recommendations for fun filled days out. Use #discoverdaytrips on social media to share your ideas with us


We arrived at Broadstairs during their annual Folk Festival. The streets were packed and the sound of jingling bells were in the air, as morris dancers were out in force. Violins and accordions could be heard coming from each packed out pub, a sword dancing group even performed with limited space in Morellis while we were there. We couldn't have picked a better day as not only did the town put on a show, but so did the sun. We'd recommend visiting Broadstairs while it's sunny or during an event like this to make the most of the day. Although it's busier during these times, the entertainment more than makes up for it. There are plenty of shops and restaurants worth checking out, but spending a whole day here could get boring unless you can soak up the sun on the beach.

We’d recommend getting there early as the parking was still available and the beach was relatively empty in the morning sun. Although when we saw the parking prices we opted to find free parking on Crow Hill, a residential road not too far from the sea front.


KIT is a lifestyle store with a great range of clothing, bags, accessories, homewares and gifts. We particularly love their scented candles, but we’re suckers for a good candle. There's unique gifts and novelty items to browse through like deck chair printed towels, jewellery, and apothecary travel bottle kits. Everything is stylishly presented thoughtfully. KIT stands out from the classic bucket and spade shops surrounding it and makes for some great gifts. If you like the Hoxton Store in Deal town, you should definitely check out KIT.


You’ll find lots of references to Charles Dickens throughout Broadstairs. Dickens spent summer holidays in Broadstairs, and the town provided much inspiration for the characters and settings in his novels. The house on Fort Road is said to be the inspiration for Bleak House, and was subsequently renamed after the novel. The Charles Dickens House Museum is an interesting stop, where you can view letters written about Broadstairs, Dickens’ writing set and victorian costumes. The parlour in the house even provided inspiration for a scene in David Copperfield.


As for food we decided on Posillipo, an Italian restaurant with a terrace overlooking Viking Bay, pretending to ourselves in the summer sun it was the Mediterranean. The staff are friendly Italians, service took a while but that was fine with us as we liked soaking up the sun. We ordered the Quattro Stagiono pizza, anchovies, olives, ham and mushrooms. It’s salty and satisfying and came heaped with cheese and toppings which is always great, although this made it a little sloppy and had to be eaten with a knife and fork. We should mention other people's pizzas seemed to be coming out a little crisper, we would recommend going for something a little more classic to get the most from the pizzas. The Gnocchi alla sorrentina was simple but hearty fare, pasta in a ragu sauce with mozzarella and parmesan baked together in an oven, another cheesy delight we'd recommend wholeheartedly.


For dessert we wandered the short walk along to Morelli’s Gelato. The gelato is made daily downstairs in their kitchen. The ice cream of the day was cider flavoured, it was delicious, sweet and appley with the distinctive tang of cider there- a nice choice if your looking for something a bit different. We had it with a scoop of ever dependable mint choc chip, the mint was sweet and fresh with big chunks of chocolate. We’d recommend trying both flavours if you can.

Lactose intolerants, most of you are probably sensible enough not to go filling up on gelato, just incase you’re not, be warned there is only one toilet cubicle in the entire parlour and the line can get painfully long. That’s all we’ll say on the matter. It’s worth enjoying your ice cream inside so you can sit and admire the Art Deco interior. Complete with a jukebox and indoor fountain, 60s trimmings in pastel pinks and purples it’s Wes Anderson esque, one for the Instagram feed.


Like most of Thanet’s sandy beaches Broadstairs can get a little cramped on hot days, so we travelled about 10 minutes along the coast line to Botany Bay. Here there's more room to spread out along the stretch of sand.

You can walk alongside the cliffs and explore rock pools, the water was even warm enough to paddle in without the screams of daring children trying to enter the cold. Viking Bay was very much a British seaside beach, with punch and judy, deckchair hire and fairground rides to enjoy, whereas Botany Bay is a respite away from the seaside bustle, feeling more like the beaches of Dorset and Cornwall. Although a more secluded beach, you have to come prepared to spend the day there. There's a food kiosk, but we'd recommend bringing your own food and drink if you’re planning on laying your towel out for the day.

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