Summer Cocktails with Burger Bros at Cin Cin

Burger Bros are back in Deal with a host of new summer cocktails. We went along to sample the drinks and to catch up with the Burger Bro and cocktail connoisseur himself Karl.

Karl’s cocktails are always a treat, and we’ve tried our fair share. After the closure of the Burger Brother’s restaurant at The Clarendon on Beach Street we missed having them around. It’s great to have them back with their own showcase at Cin Cin.

The range of drinks encapsulates summer flavours and offers something for everyone. It’s a seasonal menu, changing up as the year goes on. We’re expecting some pretty special berry and spice flavours when winter comes. As we head into summer, this cocktail menu will have something to quench your thirst.

English Garden G&T

It’s clear that the smells and flavours going on in this drink inspired its name, you’re instantly transported to picking fresh herbs from a fragrant garden in the height of summer. A pea infused gin with fennel bitters create some simple delicate flavours, with cucumber and mint to garnish. It's not too sweet or sugary but instead savoury and fresh. It's very different to your average G&T, a blessing to some a crime to others, purists be warned.

Peach Wine Cooler

This drink is joyfully fruity and sweet. A summery cup, brimming with fruit slices and mint leaves. The twist of zestiness and bitterness from the wine and lemon balance each other well. Earl Grey tea syrup is a great addition and as the ice melts the peach flavour reveals itself and the drink becomes more and more like a peach ice tea. If you usually go for a Pimms or Sangria, this should be your first port of call.

Rhubarb and Ginger Sour

This one looks a little dangerous, and by this point, we were a few cocktails in and the cocktail glass proved a little too hard to handle and not all the drink made it to our mouths. The rhubarb packs an intense flavour with a double rhubarb whammy of modified syrup and liqueur. If everything comes together its a stylish flavourful drink, and if you can do it all without spilling it down yourself you're in for a treat.

Cosmo de Provence

At first glance, this looks like a regular cosmo. But the twist is the lemon vodka is infused with Herbes de Provence. This gives a distinctive and deliciously herby quality to the drink. It’s light and refreshing, bringing a taste of the outdoors to a little glass of cosmo. As you’d expect from Burger Bros cocktails, it packs a lot of punch both boozy and filled with flavour.

Americano with Coffee and Rosemary

A highlight of the menu here, Karl burned the rosemary with a blow torch to create some pine aromas and bringing a little showmanship to the evening. The rosemary sprig is then put in the drink with the smell remaining throughout. The singed rosemary complimented the coffee flavour really well, something unexpected and compelling. The coffee flavour sticks around for a while, making this concoction quite addictive. A real show stopper and conversation starter.

PB&J Old Fashioned

Here we have a Bourbon fat washed in peanut butter, there's a hint of the raspberry infusion that makes this one a rather grown-up drink. It’s not ablaze with sickly sweet flavour like it’s sandwich namesake, but they subtly reveal themselves after a sip or as you smell it at the moment before you take your sip. If you look for them you can find a hint of nuttiness and sweet fruity flavour against the rich bourbon.

Bergamot White Negroni

The sprig of lavender and notes of sweetness lend an innocent charm to this drink, but don’t forget this is a powerful concoction. Three spirits are in the mix here, with the only dilution coming from the melting ice. Italicus, an Italian aperitif is the standout flavour here. Poured from a beautiful blue bottle, the liqueur is bergamot flavoured and sweet. It carries off the drink, making it refreshing and floral without being perfumed. We usually find negronis to be a bit too much, but this is a negroni we can get behind and a favourite amongst us and those at Cin Cin.

Pineapple Electric Colada

If you’re looking for something sweet but are tired of cocktail umbrellas and maraschino cherries, then this is the perfect drink for you. This take on a pina colada removes the thickness of coconut cream and replaces it with refreshing coconut water. To add the electricity they’ve mixed in sherbert which really makes this drink stand out and is our go-to recommendation from the menu. The fresh pineapple flavour is offset by the creaminess of the coconut and zing of the sherbert to make for sunshine in a glass.

The cocktail menu officially opens on Friday 28th June (this weekend) with a night of smashed burgers and craft cocktails from 5pm. Book your table by calling Cin Cin on 01304 239489. All cocktails mentioned here are £9, although other more classic offerings are available from £6.

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