Burger Brothers lunch


Burger Brothers is a one stop shop for all your state side cravings. Offering bacon and pancakes at breakfast, bourbon based cocktails, shakes, mac n’ cheese and of course an array of different burgers. We went along to try their lunchtime menu deals. We choose a dirty burger and a salt beef bagel.


The latter was excellent, the meat was crisp and salty, paired with the bitter mustard and crunch of the gherkin. A classic, done well.

The burger was typical of what you can expect from the Brothers. A juicy patty topped with american cheese, onion and pickle, finished with a secret sauce. The burger comes with fries and slaw, there's nothing worse than a burger joint who don't do decent chips. Thankfully we got perfectly seasoned, hand cut skin on fries - we ate them all.

As for drinks, we ordered in a cherry flavoured soda and a gypsy tart milkshake. The flavour was unmistakably gypsy tart, with the rich demerara flavour softened by the cream, served in a mason jar glass. An interesting Kentish twist on the American classic. There's a nice selection of milkshakes on the menu but we were instantly sold on the gypsy tart, and it make a nice change from the standard chocolate, vanilla or strawberry.

Sitting downstairs in the restaurant's bar, The Tap Room we notice details like a framed copy of the prohibition bill, and images of blues singers. Their liquors are displayed on big old mahogany bar, and we sit at long benches of reclaimed wood. The place is on trend and keyed into its brand of Americana, without falling into being a theme restaurant.

They get their meat from a smallholding near Canterbury, where the dairy cows are grass fed which lends the meat a “rich gamey flavour”.Whatever they’re doing, it’s working. Anyone who's ever tried a Burger Brothers burger knows the quality of their meat is excellent and you’ll be sure to get a perfectly moist, rare patty each time.

The lunch menu is excellent value for money, £10 burger and milkshake (including sides), £5 salt beef bagel (also available to go). Now we’ve discovered Burger Brother’s daytime offerings it will be even harder to go back to the sandwiches.

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