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Laura Tricker is on a quest. As a textile designer, she has a passion for clothes. She follows catwalks and reads fashion magazines. But after moving to Deal and becoming a Mum of three, Laura felt she had lost her way with fashion. Now she is rekindling that passion by revamping her wardrobe and exploring what makes the women of Deal so stylish. She’s sharing her journey on her page Deal Does Style, where she’s collected style tips and encouraged others to be braver with their fashion choices. We spoke to Laura about running Deal Does Style and her style evolution.  

What motivated you to start Deal Does Style?

I moved to Deal 5 years ago, and it felt like a really different scene to London. I felt like all the women I saw were really stylish. I just wanted to be part of that and celebrate it. I’m a Mum and I’ve been working from home for quite a long time, I’d just been living in jeans and jumpers. I wanted to try new things, so It’s a bit of a mix of wanting to find a new look for myself and celebrate the cool ladies of Deal all in one. 

Did your background in fashion influence how you set up this page?

I hope so, in my textile job I had to research trends. I felt like I was researching but not actually wearing them. I’ve always loved following all the catwalks and spotting cool clothes really excites me. It’s full of ideas for my work and outfits.

Who are some of your go-to designers?

Anything print heavy really, I love Mara Hoffman, Zimmerman, Alice Temperley and Isabel Marant.

How did you go about creating the new season wardrobe challenge?

The reason I wanted to do a challenge was because I’d seen other people doing it online, and I thought it was a good way of getting people together. So the six-week challenge was supposed to take us all through in a gentle way rather than blitzing it in one big go. It was supposed to take us on a journey. There were some people who got really involved and that was nice. I think the most successful week was the second-hand week, they all got into vintage fashion. Circular and second-hand fashion is getting more and more relevant and trendy. 

What’s your vision for seaside living?

I’ve got a few friends who were born in Deal and they have this way about them, they seem to live differently. They go for morning swims; they’ve got campervans and they look very beachy and bohemian. I really wanted to explore that a bit. I think I can take that further on Deal Does Style. I’d love to explore interiors and the whole lifestyle.

Has your style changed since you’ve moved to Deal?

When I lived in London I used to wear a dress every day to work. I don’t do that here. Because of being with my girls I have to have something that I don’t mind getting ruined. This is good (khaki Primark jumpsuit) because it’s quite cheap with easy material. But if I had a nice dress or something it would just get ruined. So it does have to be very practical, so it can be limiting. Although you could see that as a positive in terms of creativity.

How do you think about fashion for your children?

Comfort is key, I think children’s clothes are really cool nowadays. Whatever they put on looks nice. My older girls really love clothes and do enjoy them. There’s a new clothes shop in Deal called Whippersnappers, opposite Weatherspoons so I need to go in there and have a look round, see if there’s a seaside look for children that I haven’t discovered yet. 

What have you learned from setting up your page?

I feel like I’ve learned so much, it’s been a really nice learning curve. It is a bit scary and I did have to force myself to film myself, but it’s been nice to have an online chat and I’ve really enjoyed sharing my ideas. The shared experience thing has been important. It’s been good to have those conversations online that you might have with a friend. I guess I’m just really happy that people joined in, I think that’s been a really pleasant surprise. 

What do you see for the future of your page?

There are lots of different elements to life in Deal, I would like to carry it on and see where it goes. I like the fact that you can take it anywhere with online platforms, and there’s a nice community there. But it would be nice to take a different route, with the lifestyle and seaside living ethos. It was intended to be a six-week campaign, so we’ll see.

Any advice for people who want to do something similar?

I guess it’s just that old thing of feel the fear and do it anyway. If it feels scary, it's probably a good indication that you should do it 

Do you have a dress code for yourself?

I do really like to be comfortable, but I like an injection of glamour from one item. So I like to have one special thing just to make me feel a bit more snazzy. There’s a lady I spoke to called Claire, she had this amazing cross brooch she wore as an element of something interesting.

What is your winter essential?

I’m obsessed with boots at the moment, I bought these new M&S leopard print boots. I thought they were quite good for trotting around Deal because they’re not too high and you can wear any old outfit and they jazz it up. The essential item would probably be that one item that excites you and makes you feel good.

Can you share some style tips for our readers?

This is what I find hard because I feel like I have no style tips that’s why I had to ask someone else. I think Claire’s tip about that brooch. Every year she brings out the same classic pieces and she’ll inject an element of something exciting.

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