Deal Food Festival

This weekend Deal Food Festival was back for another year. Taking place over the whole weekend outside Deal Castle, there was a selection of street food, baked goods, drinks and delicacies on offer. We went along in search of a few treats, and we didn't leave disappointed. When we arrived on the Saturday the place was buzzing, with lots of stalls, rides, and live music. The festival made for a fun afternoon by the beach, it is a great continuation of the summer even if the weather didn't agree.


We picked up a hot dog from Heavenly Sausage. Named 'The Archangel', it was a foot long barbequed smoky sausage, served with all the toppings including garlic sauce onions and pickles. A challenge to eat, not only in the incredibly large portions but there are so many toppings it was hard to make sure they all ended up where we hoped they would. However it was worth it.


Ben was craving the souvlaki, a soft flatbread stuffed with pork, chips and a drizzled in tzatziki. It seemed to be the go to, as almost everyone we saw seemed to be eating one. We got a choice of chicken and pork, we asked what they'd order and he said 'you gotta go for the pork' so we did. We can't speak for the chicken but the pork definitely hit the spot.


We tried a few other bits with our friends and family that we finished before we remembered to photograph such as some crepes and churros. We also grabbed a couple of cakes to take home, these were surprisingly huge and only £2 each! One a massive slab of rum cake that was moist and rich. The other a slice of spiced fruit cake filled with a selection of tropical fruit. Both delicious, we’ll be finishing them off over the next few days.


Live music from local bands provided the soundtrack to the afternoon, playing a selection of old classics. People sat at long tables and benches enjoying an afternoon of food and music.

We chose to sit on the beach, where there was even more entertainment. The rowing championships were taking place in the sea. With so much to choose from, and everyone out enjoying the weekend we had a great time. The summer is winding down, so it was nice to be outside and enjoy an event like this. If you couldn't tell we're fans of eating, drinking, and music so it's always nice to combine them all right on our doorstep. It was great to see a huge collection of food, we're aiming to get back out today and try some of the other delicious offerings such as the curried goat from the Jamaican stand and decide whether a 'pizza burger' is an abomination or the best thing we've ever heard of?

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