Saturday Market Haul

Deal market is a great place to browse on a saturday morning, the town is buzzing, and you can pick up some great food and vintage items. If you’re lucky enough to live close enough, it’s worth walking in as it can be tricky to find parking. On a nice day it’s great seeing the town filled with people; sitting, drinking coffee, and enjoying their saturdays. Browse through the antiques and vintage stalls and you can find something special for the home. From metal signs to old glasses, there's a lot of unique items on display so it’s worth rummaging around to see what you can find. Food is a big part of what makes the market so great, but be sure to get there early as a lot of popular stalls can sell out of some of their best items. This week we went along to sample some of what they had to offer.


Bygga Bo, formerly a scandi design store and cafe in London. They can now be found at Deal market selling homeware and traditional swedish baked goods known as fika.  Malin gave me a cinnamon bun to try. I’m not a big fan of overly spiced pastries, but this was perfect for me as there was a hint of warming cinnamon, and the sugar nibs on top gave a good crunch. Pick some up to go with your morning coffee. There's lots of other treats to make your way through and some unique scandi style homeware items you can pick up too. Malin is planning on experimenting with different flavours soon so keep an eye out for that.


Eat and Mess is perfect for picking up some lunch or sweet treats for the weekend. We chose a selection of things to try. The sausage roll, a nice big size with a good piece of juicy sausage meat in the middle, encased in a golden crunchy pastry similar to a hot water crust. A nice touch was the tomato chutney surrounding the meat, which was sweet and smoky. Absolutely delicious, worth waking up early to come and grab some. The macaroon was similar to coconut ice, it was so sweet and soft. We smashed up the meringue and ate pieces from it throughout the day as a sugary snack. Everything we got was a decent size, and you could taste the quality in each bite. They also offer classes where you can learn to make bread, pastries and cakes visit their website to find out more


Petra who runs the Heatonomy stall makes her own hot sauces and fresh pasta. She grows a lot of the produce that goes into the food she sells, making for fresh and punchy flavours. You can find other things like pesto and flatbreads which are all made by Petra. We bought the plum and earl grey jam, which was fruity and sweet, ideal for pairing with a plate of meat and cheeses. Petra is also a blogger and keen photographer, check out her blog where she documents her culinary skills


If you don't know about the flower stall on Deal market, your vases are about to be transformed. We picked up these gorgeous Dahlias for only £1.50. You can buy bunches of made up flowers or buy your own by the stem, they are such great prices it’s hard to resist and you’ll feel fancy carrying them home wrapped in paper (see Tea and Biscuits Instagram) it’s also satisfying carrying a bag full of treats or fresh fruit home from the market. Our tote bags are perfect for the market or every day shopping, pick one up here. Deal Market is open on Saturdays from 8.30- 3pm, in the Union Road car park.

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