How to host a haunted house party

This year we’re hosting a halloween party, we always go crazy with our parties, making decorations themed drinks and snacks. So we thought we’d share with you some of our ideas, and you can use them for your own party. You don't have to spend too much or put much effort in to pull off these ideas, and you’ll be sure to wow your guests and spook the neighbors. Be sure to share your pictures with us if you recreate these ideas yourself!


Hot dog severed fingers

This is a classic for halloween parties, it looks really effective and what’s more its very simple and cheap. Take a can of hot dogs, and cook them as per the instructions, leave to cool a little. This will depend on the size of the hot dogs you’ve bought, measure the sausages to your fingers and cut them so they are roughly the same length, make sure you have a few different sizes for thumbs and pinkies. Then with a knife slice a little off the ends, this makes the nail. You can cut tomatoes or red peppers into the shape of a nail to look like ladies painted fingers. Cut a few slits for the knuckles, and served with tomato sauce.


Maggot infested guts

For our guts we bought a packet of rubber maggots from Tesco. We got about 3 packets of jelly, a mixture of raspberry and strawberry and mixed it together in a bowl. Follow the instructions on the packet and leave to set overnight. The day of the party mix the jelly up in the bowl and serve on a plate, place the maggots on top to make the guts look even more gross. You can serve the guts in lots of different ways, just be sure to remove the rubber maggots before eating.


Skeleton remains

We picked up some plastic skeleton bones from Tiger and arranged them on our table as a centrepiece. Then we arranged pop corn, strawberry laces and jelly snakes and our jelly guts around the body to make it look infested. You can be really creative here, experimenting with different snacks and sweets to see what you can create. When your guests arrive they can pick the bones of the skeleton and eat all the snacks you used.


Get your shots

For this drink we blended some raspberries and then pushed them through a sieve. Mixed with a simple syrup (equal parts sugar and boiling water mixed together), then drawn up into the syringes- which you can find online on Ebay and Amazon. You could even fill these with raspberry Sourz, or a red liquor and give them out as “free shots” to your guests if you can't resist a pun. We injected them into our mai tai, for a more gruesome effect. Our first shots were too thick and didn't come out much like blood, so try play around with the consistency a little first.


Night Sky

This one is hard to appreciate through this photo, and even harder to photograph well. Take activated charcoal, cherry juice, vodka and some glitter powder, the type that you can find for cake decorating. When you stir it, the glitter spins around in the drink and shimmers, but you really need to shine a torch at it to get the most out of the effect. It's a bit of a weird list of ingredients your not likely to have around, so you can cheat by using black or red, green & blue food colouring together. We wouldn't recommend this method as it dyes your mouth and affects the taste.


Poison Apple

Inspired by Snow White but made with vodka, apple Sourz, & lemonade with a drop of poison (green food die), this is quite bitter but tasty. You can make this kid friendly and get the same effect by using apple juice and green food die. The great thing about this one is that it requires little effort but still allows you to put in something a little extra.


Pickled heads & Poison bottles

For this one you need to have a little know how in photoshop. You’ll also need a large glass jar. First photograph your head or the head of your victim in three positions, from the front and the left and right. Read these instructions for details on how to edit the pictures together. Once you're happy with the image print out the face and laminate. Place inside the jar, fill with water and a little green food colouring to make it look pickled.

For the poison bottles we picked up some cheap glass bottles and decanters from charity shops around Deal. Then filled them with water and added different food colourings. Lit with fairy lights underneath them, they really glow and look effective. It’s a simple idea that’s easy to make look good.


Stranger Things Lights

We loved Stranger Things on Netflix, and we're excited for Season 2. We looked up how to get the fairy lights to write out names and personalised massages, and we're not gonna lie, it was way too hard for us. So we did something super simple. We got some floral print wrapping paper that was similar to the wallpaper, we drew on the alphabet in sharpie, and strung some fairy lights across it. A great addition to your party if you're a fan of the show too.

Extra touches

For the bathroom, use an old hand towel to wipe fake blood on. Create bloody hand prints and streaks, leave to dry and hang in your bathroom to freak everyone out.

You can create simple garlands using black white and orange paper. Cut out evenly sized circles and glue them onto string, then you’ve got some paper garlands to string up.

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