Our top four instagram worthy spots in Deal

Our list of instagrammable locations is perfect for everyone. Whether you’re visiting Deal and looking for the best places to show off your trip, or if you’re a local just looking to add some variety to your Instagram feed, we’ll show you some new angles on familiar places.


Deal Beach, Fishing Boats

There is an array of characterful fishing boats with worn exteriors and affectionate names, which can add interest to an otherwise unremarkable shot of the sea. This location is a great representation of the fishing roots Deal has, there is even a stall set up where fishermen sell their catch.

This area of the beach is also a treasure trove, full of weather worn equipment and interesting objects such as lobster cages and winches that all make for great photos. Take some time to see what objects you can work into a shot, although be sure to tread carefully over heavy machinery and stray lines.


Deal Pier

On a good day the pier can offer a range of great views. Firstly, take a walk almost to the end of their pier and look back at the town. You’ll get a panoramic of some of Deal’s landmarks like the Regent and Timeball Tower, there's a nice combination of colour and interest in this view and is a good way of encapsulating Deal in one photo.

The fishing lower deck to the pier is a little run down and in need of some love. But for those who love to work a sense of grittiness into their photos, this would be ideal. Plenty of rusty railings and salt worn beams to satisfy those with a taste for coastal decay.

Next move onto the beach and underneath the pier. You can catch the waves breaking on the pillars if your shutter speed is high enough, ideally you want to position yourself dead centre for this shot so you’re alignment is perfect.


Kingsdown Beach

If you’ve already exhausted Deal beach for instagram material, it might be worth taking the trip to Kingsdown. Painted beach huts, weather worn fishing boats and scattered ropes, this beach is perfect for adding an essence of seaside charm to your feed.

What’s nice about Kingsdown is that although it's smaller than Deal beach, you can work much of what’s on offer into one shot. Behind the beach huts is a vantage point which allows you to get everything in shot. There is a grassy patch which is useful for framing photos with strands of foliage and weeds if that’s your thing.

Kingsdown also has black groynes on its beach which work nicely for shots displaying distance or depth of focus. Another aspect of this location is the view of the white cliffs, which can be incorporated into landscapes.


Conservation Area/Middle Street

There's a reason this area of the town is under council protection. The lines of fisherman's cottages, Georgian terraces and Victorian villas in pastel colours are rich in character and a reminder of the history of Deal.

It’s worth exploring these streets as you’ll be snapping away at each turn. Whether you chose to pick out the individual detail in a doorway, or find the perfect street long shot there’s lots to fill your camera roll. A particular favorite of mine is Farrier Street, where you can perfectly frame the shelter on the seafront.

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