Jenkins and Son Sushi

We’ve been hearing a lot about Jenkins and Son sushi boxes so we decided to go along and try one for ourselves. We placed an order in the week and picked our box up on Friday morning. Seeing as the sun was out, and we're a big fan of a picnic on the beach we decided to go for an unconventional picnic on the beach.


For £10.99 you get a large box (pictured above) which includes twelve pieces of sushi. Good sushi is never going to be a value for money lunch, because of the timing needed to train and with the quality ingredients used. It’s definitely a special splurge for the weekend, but one that won't leave you feeling like you should have made better choices. It's a great addition to add some variety to our already great roster of food.

As you'd expect from a local fishmongers in a seaside town, the fish is top notch. Jenkins and Son really showed off their in depth knowledge of fish and created some really interesting flavours. The smoked mackerel and chive futomaki stood out, as we rarely see smoked fish other than salmon in sushi. The beetroot gravadlax nigiri, a swedish dish where smoked salmon is cured with beetroot, was excellent too. The brightness given by the beetroot made the fish glinted like a gem in the sunlight and its tasted as good as it looked. The little embellishments on the nigiri really showed the effort and attention to detail you are paying for.


The selection is a lot more interesting than your standard supermarket choice, and if that's all you've ever had this is a great opportunity to find out how much a handmade touch adds. Everything tasted fresh and full of flavour. It was great to see pops of unexpected flavour turn up in the box. With ingredients like samphire and hibiscus turning up, the food is kept interesting and almost experimental.

Some pieces were paired with a raspberry puree or Heatonomy chilli sauce. Heatonomy is available at Deal market on Saturdays where you can buy her famous home made chilli sauces, we're not huge into hotness but we still have a couple in our fridge because they're so good!


Although the box was a little pricey, we think it’s worth it for the amount of great quality fresh fish you get inside. There's clearly a lot of skill and attention put into every piece of sushi.

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