Summer 2018, The Highlights

As the rain descends upon is and the heatwave inevitably breaks, it got us thinking back on what a great summer we’ve had. There are lots of things we wish we could have got around to, but hopefully we'll see some more sunshine again soon!


Swimming in the sea

The hot weather has meant that one of the only effective methods of cooling down has been to take a dip in the sea. Although I (Charlotte) have lived by the sea my whole life I can't remember ever venturing in past my ankles. After Ben took a dip, I decided it was way past my turn to try it. The combination of adrenaline from the cold and relief from the heat was enough to get me hooked. I’ve been in lots of times since and love what the salt does to my hair and skin. To anyone who hasn't been in for a long time, try it!



We’re always trying to read more and have an ever growing stack of novels and magazines to get through. This summer has upped our reading intake as we’ve spent so much time outside and sitting in the sun. Some of our favorite reads this summer have included Zadie Smith’s The Burned Children of America, which is a collection of short stories from American authors. Ben has been enjoying this month’s Monocle - a lifestyle magazine which is now available in Deal from The Post Room.


Summer is always a great season for food. With fresh fruit, salads and lighter dinners all on the menu, we find it so much easier to eat healthier while it’s hot. Some of our recent favourites have included a Nigella steak slice, a salmon tray bake with all the summer veg. In the morning I’ve been having a sliced nectarine with some granola and a little coconut yoghurt which is delicious.



We’ve been on the move a lot recently, visiting Ben’s parents in Bedford and traveling down to Falmouth in Cornwall to see my brother. It took us a good eleven hours to get there in the car and once we were there it rained the entire weekend. But it was nice to have a break away from Deal and explore somewhere new. There was lots of cool little shops and cafes and a pretty harbour. Our favourite spots included breakfast at Good Vibes Cafe, and a book shop called Beerwolf.



Dreamland have been putting on some outdoor cinema events, we saw Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet. We love being at Dreamland and it was fun to sit outside and watch a great film as it got dark. Alongside that there have been many good shows at local galleries we have enjoyed such as Don't Walk/Walk and Linden Hall.


Getting Active

I’ve started a couch to 5K program with my family and we run along the footpath in Walmer. It’s been tough at times to keep going in the heat but it’s really made us appreciate where we live. It’s a great way to take in your surroundings, get healthy and clear your head. We haven't quite hit the 5K mark yet but we're on our way!

We’d like to hear about your summers too, send us a message via social media or leave us a comment at the bottom of the page.

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