A summer of drinks: our pick of Deal's best beverages

During summer we all break out the iced sugary drinks and pitchers of colourful cocktails and soak up the sun. It's tempting to stick with what we know and go to chain coffee shops and pubs, but we wanted to show you what’s available from our local independents here in Deal. We found that there’s so many exciting drinks on offer from unique flavour pairings to indulgent creations. Take a look at some of our highlights this summer.

The Lane - South Ct

We’d recommend coming along to The Lane in the late afternoon of a hot day to refresh yourself with some of the amazing cocktails on the menu. There's some classic summer flavours to be seen, especially in the Tropical Mojito and Strawberry flavoured Gin. But there’s also a few interesting drinks on the menu you might be wary of but don't be afraid to push yourself and try something new, you won’t regret it.


Tropical mojito

This is blend of tropical flavours like pineapple, banana lime and mint, a strong kick of alcohol balances out the sweetness nicely. Beach holiday in a drink, if you're not going away this year, grab one of these from the Lane instead.


Larois strawberry flavoured gin and tonic

Summery fresh, fruity and pink. Is sure to be wildly popular, and for good reason, look out for Larois this summer.


Popcorn Martini

Flavours and smells can be very evocative, this drink transports you to the foyer of a cinema, combining the flavour of popcorn and ice cream. Creamy and delicious this is something you should order at the end of a meal or as a sweet treat.


Grapefruit Julep

Made with pink grapefruit Ciroc, this goes down all too easily. Totally refreshing, grapefruit and mint flavours. Tangy sweet, perfectly balanced. Its simple but delicious, one of the stand out drinks from the menu.


Mexican Firewater

This is like nothing we’ve ever tried before, like a sweet salsa, a pleasing kick of spice that lingers. It gives you enough room to appreciate the taste of the fruity chillies, which are balanced by the sweetness of watermelon. The Lane use Aqua Riva, its the only tequila they’ll serve and they’re very proud of it. This might not be for everyone, but everyone should try it to be sure.


Breakfast Martini

Made with marmalade and triple sec. Fresh citrus flavours, tangy, packs a punch. The marmalade adds a nice sweetness.

Burger Brothers - Beach Street

The attention to detail seen in the Brother’s food is seen here in the drinks too. The thing about their cocktails is that they’re all pretty strong and you can taste the alcohol. This may not be to everyone’s taste but the unique flavour combinations and good quality spirits make them stand out from the crowd. Well worth trying a selection or taking some across the road to the beach, as some of the drinks are available for takeaway, this is definitely something we will be doing this summer.


Strawberry Mojito

A fruity twist on a classic, this was delicious and refreshing. It's a great blend of alcohol and sweetness that will get you to where you want to be without tasting like it.


Strawberry and chocolate freak shake

What was particularly great about this drink was the pairing of toppings. Marshmallows clashing against Reeses Pieces and fresh strawberries, texture and flavours in a delicious battle. Leave room at the end of your meal for one of these.


One in the Oven Doughnut

It's even harder to skip dessert now as Doughnuts by One in the Oven are now on the menu, the one we tried came with a scoop of ice cream and chocolate sauce, with an Oreo on top. Their very own version of a Wimpy Brown Derby.


Maple smoked bacon old fashioned

Chef Karl explained how the bourbon is fat washed in bacon fat then added to liquid smoke, maple syrup and served over ice. The drink is served with piece of maple candied bacon on the side. The combination of these flavours is the essence of Burger Brothers, sweet meaty smoky and rich.


Frozen Strawberry cocktail

With this drink you can choose your poison, rum vodka or gin. The flavour of the strawberries works well against the gin we chose, sweet fruity cold and refreshing. The perfect summer drink.


Cherry Bakewell

Cherry Heering liqueur is the star of the show here, topped with whipped egg whites and a bourbon soaked cherry, the deep purple an enticing colour. A short drink but a satisfying size for the large alcohol content.


The Chesterfield

Here we have Perique Tobacco liqueur blended with bourbon and a Chinese smoked tea liqueur. Wait for the tingling of tobacco to emerge on the back of your tongue along with notes of nuts and caramel. This is a unique drink, totally evocative and intriguing.

Love Drinks - High Street

Overall the options from Love Drinks are a great alternative to the chain coffee shops on the high street. Their drinks pack more flavour, and offer a wider variety. They're also great for kids, especially the child size hot chocolate and colourful milkshakes. Worth the visit if you like your milkshakes or to satisfy a sweet tooth.


Aero freakshake

The great thing about freak shakes is that you get a dessert and a drink, as the milkshake comes dripping with sweets and chocolates. The drink was creamy and minty, the aero unmistakeable. The only downside was the unsettling green whipped cream on top.


Raspberry and bubblegum milkshake

This reminded us of ice creams of our childhood. Specifically the Pizza Hut ice cream factory where you could go crazy with bright sauces and toppings. The Combination of raspberry and bubblegum is nice with the ice cream, perhaps one for the kids or if you're feeling particularly nostalgic.


Berry smoothie

Full of berries and packed with flavour. Something about the ice cold fruit is particularly soothing, would be ideal for breakfast or a hangover cure.


Coke float

A standard coke float delicious and sweet, it’s difficult to go wrong on this one. Although it’s nice to know that coke floats are available on our high street if the craving ever arises.


Iced latte

Good strong coffee, not too much sweetness here so if you like your coffee to taste like coffee this is a solid choice, if not then ask for syrup, this is a great choice on the go.

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