A Look Inside: "The Place To"

Set back from the high street (in between HSBC and Ward & Corrigan) is The Place To. A little shop that champions local makers and independents. We went to take a look at some of the products on display and find out more.

The shop is a great example of community. It gives hobbyists, crafters and makers the opportunity to sell their locally made products. The shop doesn't take a commission on sales, and after an upfront cost is paid, everyone keeps the money they make. This allows local people who might not have the time or means otherwise, to sell their products on Deal's vibrant high street.

When we went to visit, we found the shop very inviting. There are several colourful beach huts, each of which are like miniature shops. They each display an individual maker or independent business on lit shelves. A smart way of giving each business its own space and organising stock.

If you're looking for a piece of artwork to brighten up your home or a unique gift for someone special, be sure to check out what's on offer at The Place To. We found a nice range of products from local photography to knitted novelty items, soy candles and handbags. A couple of local artists and photographers display their prints and canvases hanging on the walls. We loved the knitted items from Knit Knacks and hearing about the hours that Roger Stanger put into capturing his impressive milky way scene.

It's worth making a habit of popping in, as the stock is frequently refreshed and new businesses are given the opportunity to display in the shop keeping it interesting and fresh with every visit. It's always great to see all the fantastic ways of supporting small and local businesses.

Surething Studio