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Heatwave Busting Cocktails

The heatwave has been raging on and we’ve been looking for something refreshing. This week we have three cocktail recipes that are perfect for long hot nights. Serve to your friends or enjoy with dinner. Each of these would work well adapted into mocktails by simply removing the alcohol. The water melon water in particular is a real thirst quencher.

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A Kentish classic: The Gypsy Tart

Gypsy tart is a Kentish classic that’s simple to make and deliciously sweet. Lots of people have fond memories of enjoying it as part of their school dinners, our recipe will satisfy a sweet craving at the end of a meal. It’s so easy, and delicious it's well worth the effort.

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How to host an antipasti party

If you’re having a few friends over for drinks and nibbles, making an antipasti board is a great way to impress. It looks good and you can fill it with a selection of your favorite foods. Creating a platter of meats and cheeses is so easy with all the great independent food stores we have in Deal. You can find some really interesting treats beyond the go to easy option; cheese and pineapple on a stick.

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